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By Stephanie Clair

A perfectly balanced blend of painting and multimedia graphics coupled with hand processed materials and resin.

Clair's Art Panels are custom made to meet clients requirements in terms of size, color, and finish.  The metal composite panels are meant to withstand 100% UV and have been proven to last.

These panels are a one of a kind statements fashioned for either indoor or outdoor use.

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 Until now the only way to decorate exterior spaces was with the use of mosaics or tiles. With composite panels a genuine piece of art can now live outdoors, even in spaces that are in contact with water and subject to UV light. I use a special epoxy resin which is 100% UV and water resistant. The color will never fade with time.

clair texture.jpg


Add texture and 3D effects to your project by incorporating different materials into the resin.

My clients can help choose the quantity and positioning of the minerals, such as semiprecious minerals or sand.



Final finishes can be flat, dripped, or textured.

Dripped finishes can show the vertical lines of the brush strokes. Water drops where the panel looks as if water was running through the surface. Or an effect where you can see the effect of ripples and the different layers of the epoxy resin.

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